Marion Gluck

Marion Gluck

Dr Marion Gluck trained as a medical doctor in Hamburg and has worked all over the world as a women’s health specialist. She has been recognised as one of the top 250 private doctors in the UK for her pioneering treatment of hormonal imbalances using natural bio-identical hormones. Treating patients as individuals, Dr Gluck addresses each woman’s unique hormonal makeup rather than prescribing conventional ‘one size fits all’ medications.

In addition to providing the best of conventional care for women’s health, Dr Gluck focuses on disease prevention through lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management and emotional wellbeing. She provides the knowledge and guidance necessary to educate and empower her patients in London and Milan, helping them to make better informed decisions about their health and their Iife.

A dedicated practitioner, Dr Gluck seeks to be more than just a doctor to her patients. With a genuine interest in women’s issues, she goes to considerable lengths to gain a better understanding of her patients’ unique circumstances in an effort to provide holistic solutions for optimal health.



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